Noé Achache

Engineering Manager in Data Science l Gen AI and Computer Vision

Noé worked on 10+ data science/engineering projects, mostly on computer vision, genAI and structured data




🎥 Replays


🗣️🇫🇷 [Podcast]: Les bases de données vectorielles @If This Then Dev


🗣️🇬🇧 Navigating the Complexities of Vector Search: Practical Insights from Diverse Projects in Image Search and RAG @Qdrant Vector Space Talks

🗣️🇬🇧 Great Practices for RAG in Production @GenAI London meetup

🗣️🇫🇷 Great Practices for RAG in Production @GenAI Paris meetup

🗣️🇬🇧 How to Choose a Vector Database in 2023 @DVC meetup

🗣️🇬🇧 Advanced Visual Search Engine with Self-Supervised Learning (SSL) @PyconDE and Pydata Berlin 2023

Other conferences and meetups :

Computer Vision Paris, CriteoTech Meetup, IA & Data day Strasbourg, PyconDE & Pydata Berlin 2024, Pydata London 2024

Incoming talks at :

  • Sunny Tech Strasbourg
  • Pydata Paris
  • ODSC
  • Big Data Conference Europe